We're introducing our new CiviComment pricing at the IAP2 conference in Denver

Exciting news:  CiviComment  now has a free plan, perfect for supporting smaller projects or pilot initiatives! We're introducing our free plan and updated pricing at this week's IAP2 Conference in Denver, which we're sure many of you will attend. We're excited to share that we'll have a booth at the conference, to showcaseCiviComment  and get attendees signed up for their free site. Send us a quick email if you want to schedule a quick meeting, or simply stop by to say hello!


This Tool Will Shift Your Public Comment Paradigm

Like any grand ambition, public involvement can be inspiring to envision and a pain in the rear to execute. When you’re transcribing Post-Its at 10pm after a community meeting or receiving the 30th public comment email referencing a single sentence somewhere in a 200 page document, it can often require a couple of deep breaths to remember why we insist on openness, transparency, and discourse around our civic processes. Finding the right tool to simplify these efforts will keep you focused on their importance.

CiviComment is our awesome new solution to your public commenting woes. Simply upload a PDF and share the link with your community, inviting them to click anywhere within the document to leave a comment. As a manager, you have options related to comment visibility, notifications and moderation, and comment categorization. Participants can agree with or respond to existing comments, reducing duplication and streamlining management. At the end of a public comment period, you can easily export feedback in a spreadsheet or as an annotated PDF for further consideration or integration.

We’re so excited about CiviComment’s potential to streamline this typically cumbersome process that we’re offering a 30-day free trial subscription that allows you to post and receive comments on one document. To help us learn and improve CiviComment, we’ll be asking free trial users to provide input on their experience using the tool.

Join us in making public commenting easy - we look forward to hearing what you think!