Playful engagement: Talking with CommunityMatters

Engagement is a beautiful thing. But sometimes it doesn't seem so beautiful when public meetings are overtaken by angry opinions or excessive boring process. We recently presented on a CommunityMatters call, along with James Rojas, and discussed how playfulness can make engagement more fun, inclusive, engaging, and effective.

Turning up the fun factor helps reduce the typical arguments and jargon that can sometimes hamper effective planning. And as it turns out, playfulness isn't that hard to incorporate into your outreach strategies. Our talk with CommunityMatters included an array of ideas for engaging people in unique ways - whether through tactile experiments, online games, sticky-note brainstorming, or mobile scavenger hunts. Once you have a great idea for making engagement enticing, just show the community how their participation will be both fun and valuable. 

It was a privilege to speak with others who are committed to enlivening the sometimes dull world of public engagement. People are fascinating - your outreach strategy should be too! Check out the call below for some great ideas to get started.