Woodward, OK shares vision and plans with citizens


Does your community have a plan for the future? How are you getting the word out? Woodward, Oklahoma is using an EngagingPlans website from UIS to involve the public in the process of updating the small town’s Comprehensive Plan. Citizens can visit Envision Woodward online to learn about upcoming events and projects, give feedback, and share ideas about how the area should develop. The website, tailored to fit the specific needs of the town, explains to citizens that their input is valuable for every aspect of planning for the future:

“Beginning with a shared vision of the community we want to become, Envision Woodward charts a course to help us realize that vision. Topics addressed and planned for include land use and development, transportation, housing, infrastructure, economic development, natural resources, cultural and historic resources, and quality of life.”

EngagingPlans is a fully hosted, out-of-the-box solution that can help you engage citizens and stakeholders in your planning project, without breaking your budget. Read all about it here - and let the planning begin!