Pipeline expansion project calls for mobile public outreach

EngagingPlans Case Study

Enbridge GTA Project


Enbridge Gas Distribution has been serving the communities of Ontario, Canada for over 160 years. The company delivers natural gas to more than two million homes and businesses across the province and maintains a network of underground distribution pipelines. Enbridge expands their network as necessary to meet the needs of the growing communities in their service area.


Enbridge is committed to maintaining strong relationships with stakeholders and citizens. This requires openness and communication with the public, especially when new projects are underway. Recent growth in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has created a need for Enbridge to expand its pipelines - a project that will impact the surrounding community as construction commences. Routes for the project were selected to cause the least potential for conflict with existing land uses, traffic, vegetation, and businesses. Nevertheless, this type of expansion will naturally raise a myriad of questions and concerns from the public.

Enbridge sought a solution that would facilitate above-average public engagement for the duration of the GTA Project. Since most people now expect to find information online, a website was needed where all relevant material - updates, maps, videos, documents, events, response forms - could be accessed in one place. Far from just putting a few links on the company website or posting fliers at the construction sites, Enbridge sought to create a public conversation around the GTA Project that would facilitate meaningful communication and feedback.


Rather than expending the manpower and resources required to launch an entire project website from scratch, Enbridge turned to EngagingPlans for an out-of-the-box solution to highlight every aspect of the GTA Project and invite public involvement. Easily launched and maintained with no special tech skills needed, our EngagingPlans site allows customization by Enbridge, using photos, branding, social media, and other content to give the site a local feel.

The new GTA Project website makes it simple for users to search for specific project information, leave comments, browse relevant documents and maps, view upcoming events like public meetings, or sign up for e-mail newsletters - and it’s all mobile optimized for flawless viewing at home, work, or on the go. From legal files to video updates to pre-construction tree-removal notices, EngagingPlans brings the information together in a way that’s easy for citizens to digest, search, and respond to. This is the ideal solution for short-term projects that require thoughtful public engagement.

GTA Project Site


For companies or developers whose work impacts the surrounding community, an EngagingPlans website helps keep the lines of communication open, for a reasonable cost. Involving citizens in the planning process is easy with EngagingPlans:

  • Project information is easily accessible to anyone, even on-the-go

  • Search feature lets users quickly locate specific information

  • Feedback and questions are easily submitted right from the project website

  • Intuitive administration for easy launch and maintenance, with no special tech skills required

  • Stay-in-touch options like e-mail updates and social media for citizens who want to be in the loop

  • Company or developer maintains reputation for good communication efforts and public involvement

  • Project site launched with minimal expense and no long-term commitment

EngagingPlans starts at just $75 per month and can be scaled to meet the needs of large enterprises. Find out more or schedule a demo!