Closing the Digital Feedback Loop

It’s all well and good to ask your community for their input, but neglecting to close the feedback loop can have an acute impact on the relationship between constituents and local government. Agencies and their consultants are often pressed for time and resources, resulting in prioritizing getting feedback over sharing feedback. We’ve recently released new features that integrate unique and simple ways to close the feedback loop with your community, helping you activate public participation and maintain high-quality interactions with constituents.

Results of an affordable housing survey in Boulder County

Draft Development Standards in Albany, NY

Live Data Charts

EngagingPlans now supports public facing live results charts, allowing participants to see an overview of aggregated community sentiments. These charts work in conjunction with surveys and Points & Paths mapping, helping people see how their preferences compare to others’ and taking agencies out of the messenger role to give users an intuitive view of overall community sentiment.

Draft Document Review

As projects progress, teams must distill public feedback and incorporate it into proposed objectives and strategies, leaving room for inadvertent omissions or misinterpretations. EngagingPlans now has a built in draft review feature, allowing communities to review a PDF document within their browser window and offer reactions in an embedded form alongside the draft document. This feature makes it easy for project teams to present draft iterations to the public, ensuring a late-stage opportunity to vet insights and how they are incorporated into proposed solutions.