Calgary Asks Citizens for Ideas to Improve High Traffic Corridor

The Crowchild Trail Expressway is a major thoroughfare on the west side of Calgary. The City is in the process of conducting a Corridor Study with a robust public engagement component to identify upgrade projects that will improve traffic and travel while maintaining or enhancing surrounding neighborhoods. The project began in 2015 with open goal-setting and idea generation in conjunction with the community, and Calgarians shared nearly 500 suggestions in response. The City consolidated the suggestions into 17 upgrade concepts that could be applied to various locations throughout the corridor, such as no left turns or a tunnel between certain intersections, and needed a way to present the concepts on a map and allow the community to make an informed evaluation as to how well a concept aligns with project goals.

We used an EngagingApps mapping tool to display an interactive map with point markers and detail cards for each concept location. The display can be filtered by location or project type, helping people easily find projects that are important to them, and Like buttons on each detail card gives the City an at-a-glance view of the buy-in for various ideas. Clicking into a point sends users to a detail page highlighting the results of the City’s technical analysis, including benefits, impacts, constraints, and trade-offs,  a visual concept evaluation, and a simple infographic indicating the timeframe for implementation. Once people review that information, they complete a brief survey indicating how well the idea meets each key principle, and they can view the aggregated results of the survey via live pie charts that auto-update with each submission.

Next up for the Crowchild Trail Study is concept evaluation, which begins this week. The City combined the results of a technical analysis with public feedback to arrive at seven preliminary projects that could move forward, and they will use an EngagingApps Workbook to present even more detailed information about each concept and ask the public to dig into how well each concept meets specific strategies for meeting project goals. We’ll update this post as the project progresses and look forward to sharing the final outcomes of this collaborative effort.