Frequently Asked Questions


Are EngagingPlans and EngagingApps responsive on mobile devices?

A: Yes. All of our products automatically resize within the browser window to ensure ideal viewing regardless of device--no download required.


Do people have to sign in to participate?

A: User registration is an optional feature and we always consider the balance between barriers to participation and the potential for improved quality of insights.


How can I be sure people don’t post inappropriate or profane comments?

A: All tools have a built in spam and profanity filter to prevent anything truly irrelevant from ending up on the site. We also offer comment moderation options that allow you to proactively review and approve comments before they are live on the site.


Can I use EngagingPlans for more than one project at a time?

A: EngagingPlans is a per project platform. We also offer packages for agencies seeking long-term engagement across multiple projects, and for consulting firms seeking enterprise level subscriptions. Get in touch for more info on these options.


Can I embed videos on the site?

A: Absolutely. The platform supports all forms of rich media.


What will my data look like?

A: EngagingPlans supports CSV data exports, live results charts, and PDF report downloads. Mapping tools allow us to use your shapefiles as the base layer and export the data either as GeoJSON and shapefiles, or to be merged into the attributes table of an existing GIS layer.


Is there a way to make survey results public?

A: Yes. EngagingPlans comes with the ability to share summary charts and graphs with the community in real time.


How long will it take between contract signing and my site being completed?

A: Our team can usually get an EngagingPlans site and Mapping apps live within 1-2 weeks; Workbooks and Simulators require 4-6 weeks. We can expedite implementation in certain situations, so please let us know if you’re working toward a target launch date.


What do I need to provide for the site?

A: Clients are expected to provide all text in a Word or Google document and all images in .png or .jpg formats. Maps should be provided as open shapefiles NOT proprietary file formats.


How many participants will I get by using EngagingPlans?

A: Like any engagement opportunity, active outreach is the key driver of digital participation. Our most successful clients are those that thoroughly integrate digital participation with their overall outreach strategy. We’re always happy to advise on this topic--drop us a line if you’re interested in ideas for driving participation on your website.