Interactive Design

It's our core believe that allowing citizens and stakeholders to explore complex topics in an intuitive, hands-on fashion while providing embedded feedback opportunity leads to better results.


Explore some of our best visual, interactive civic engagement experiences:


Vancouver, Canada: “Greenest City”

Explore Vancouver’s transition to 100% renewable energy over the next 30 years

Miami Beach, Florida: Tax Calculator

Find out how much the G.O. Bond in Miami Beach affects your property taxes over time

Madison MATPB, Wisconsin: “Charting Our Course”

Allocate funding for a regional transportation system to ensure that it is able to accommodate current and future transportation needs

Dept. of Local Affairs, Colorado: “Planning for Hazards”

Learn about Hazard Mitigation strategies for the State of Colorado using this interactive guide

Clinton Climate Initiative: “Employee Sustainability Benefits”

Estimate the impact an Employee Sustainability Program will have, if rolled out to your company

Minneapolis, Minnesota: “Minneapolis 2040”

Explore key aspects shaping the future of Minneapolis in an interactive graphic and timeline

Little Rock, Arkansas: “Imagine Central Arkansas”

Learn about the Central Arkansas' State of the Region using this interactive report, personalized for each user based on their inputs

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