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Albuquerque, NM & Bernalillo County: “ABC to Z”

Zoning Code & Comprehensive Plan     |     EngagingPlans + Konveio

To ensure that future development aligns with the community’s vision, Albuquerque updated its Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO), which governs the City’s land use and development through zoning and subdivision regulations. Over the course of three years, an EngagingPlans site formed the basis of their public participation efforts. After project completion, Konveio helped the city of more than half a million people simplify development procedures and reduce staff time answering questions about a complex Zoning Code by turning a complicated 500-page PDF into an interactive, web-based land use and development tool.


Maui County, Hawai’i: “We Are Maui”

Community Plan Updates   | EngagingPlans + EngagingApps

The Maui County Planning Department is working to update Community Plans for all areas of the island. The first, We Are West Maui, aims to improve aspects of economic and sustainable development, protection of established neighborhoods, and the city’s development review and approval procedures. Over the next two years, an EngagingPlans site will form the basis of their public participation efforts, and a Comparison Mapping activity is coming soon to encourage place-based feedback about specific neighborhood changes.


City of Madison, Wisconsin: “Imagine Madison”

Comprehensive Plan Update   | EngagingPlans + Konveio

Imagine Madison was a unique public listening campaign that collected feedback from all across the City to plan for the Madison of tomorrow —and beyond. Feedback gathered through the Imagine Madison process, based on an EngagingPlans website and multiple EngagingApps workbooks, was used to update the City of Madison’s Comprehensive Plan. After plan adoption in 2018, the City launched an interactive version of the Comprehensive Plan powered by Konveio.


Xcel Energy, Colorado/Minnesota/Wisconsin: “Partners in Energy”

Community of Practice   | EngagingPlans + Custom

Xcel Energy Partners in Energy provides communities in Minnesota and Colorado free services to develop an energy plan and assistance with implementing that plan. Each community has its own unique energy needs and priorities, and Partners in Energy tailors its services to complement each community’s vision. UIS built a customized EngagingPlans website for Xcel that helps participating communities learn from and collaborate together to achieve their goals. It provides access to a variety of program-specific resources as well as collaboration forums for communicating with others in your community and beyond.


Miami Beach, Florida: “G.O. Bond”

Bond Issue   | EngagingPlans + EngagingApps + Custom

In 2018, the City of Miami Beach was exploring a G.O. Bond and need input from residents to help build the plan by identifying what community improvements they would like to see, prioritizing the projects and defining what level of public investment they should make. UIS supported the campaign with an EngagingPlans website, mapping activities to prioritize projects and a custom calculator to educate residents how much the Bond would impact them personally. On November 6, 2018, Miami Beach voters provided a clear mandate that they want to invest in the future of our City and have faith in their government and its leadership. An overwhelming majority of voters approved the three general obligation ballot items, totaling $439 million.


Minneapolis, Minnesota: “Minneapolis 2040”

Comprehensive Plan Update   | EngagingPlans + Custom

Starting in 2016, Minneapolis went through an update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan to outline citywide policies and priorities, working toward a unified vision for Minneapolis in 2040. UIS designed a project website built on EngagingPlans with multiple animated process graphics, along with public engagement opportunities over the course of two years. Based on the feedback received throughout the process, the Minneapolis City Council directed staff to submit a final draft of Minneapolis 2040 to the Metropolitan Council on December 7, 2018.


Cupertino, California: “Envision Vallco”

Community Plan Updates   | EngagingPlans + Konveio

In 2018, the City of Cupertino was working on a specific plan for the Vallco Special Area. The plan will establish development standards and land use patterns for the 58 acres at the northwest corner of Wolfe Road and Stevens Creek Boulevard. The project team used an EngagingPlans website to keep residents engaged and updated about the project and deployed Konveio to gather feedback on design alternatives produced at a range of Design Charrettes. The process culminated in final approval by City Council in October 2018.

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