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Albuquerque, NM & Bernalillo County

Zoning Code & Comprehensive Plan     |     EngagingPlans + Mapping

This project aims to improve aspects of economic and sustainable development, protection of established neighborhoods, and the city’s development review and approval procedures. Over the next two years, an EngagingPlans site will form the basis of their public participation efforts, and a Comparison Mapping activity is coming soon to encourage place-based feedback about specific zoning changes.


Georgia DOT

Transportation Budgeting     |     Simulator

The Georgia Department of Transportation wanted public feedback on how they should prioritize transportation funding over the next 25 years. UIS implemented a Trade-Offs Simulator that asked users to allocate funding and view the impact of those recommendations on expected performance and the bottom line. This interactive experience put users in the driver’s seat and gave GDOT insight into state-wide priorities.


Denver Zoo

Facility Master Plan     |     Workbook

The Denver Zoo asked patrons and neighbors to help shape the "Zoo of the Future" by offering feedback on design concepts for the new Master Plan. After ranking their development priorities, visitors could explore an interactive map of the grounds that highlights key areas, and rate and comment on exhibit vision and structure. Users could also delve into the Zoo’s Facility Assessment, Guiding Principles and Site Planning Strategies to better understand how this community gem arrived at its vision for serving guests in the future.


Southern Alleghenies Planning & Development Commission

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy     |     Workbook

The Alleghenies region’s most recent CEDS is designed to bring public, private, nonprofit, and educational sectors together in creating a roadmap to strengthen and stabilize the regional economy. UIS implemented an Interactive Document, designed to communicate the strategy and summarize it via visual infographics that facilitate understanding and feedback from the community.


Louisiana State University

Campus Master Plan     |     EngagingPlans + Mapping + Workbook

LSU is updating the Campus Master Plan to guide development and capital investments over the next ten years. UIS implemented an EngagingPlans website and Points & Paths Mapping activity to learn about commuting habits to and from campus, connectivity while on campus, and favorite and least favorite spots on campus. Later stages of the project will involve a Design Alternatives Workbook, encouraging feedback about specific concepts and implications.


Westminster, Colorado

City-Wide Engagement, Various Projects     |     EngagingPlans Premium

WestyConnect is a city-wide platform to elicit public involvement and input on several different community projects. UIS implemented a Premium EngagingPlans site that features visual introductions to various topic areas and a leaderboard where users can earn points toward prizes by participating in feedback opportunities on the site.


Toledo, Ohio

Downtown Master Plan     |     EngagingPlans

Toledo is updating its Downtown Master Plan to foster business growth, attract residents, and build relationships between nearby neighborhoods and cultural districts. UIS implemented an EngagingPlans site that presents project information and background as well as open ended questions aimed at topic areas like active transportation, riverfront development possibilities, and residential and commercial development opportunities.


University of Wisconsin at Madison

Campus Master Plan     |      EngagingPlans + Workbook

UW-Madison is updating their Campus Master Plan, emphasizing the University’s strong tradition of shared decision making and transparency throughout the process. UIS implemented an EngagingPlans website and Design Concepts Workbook to introduce and ask for feedback about proposed design alternatives for different areas of the campus. The team presented a variety of open-ended questions using the core features of EngagingPlans, and is in the process of developing a draft plan that will be presented for community feedback.


Byron Bay, Australia

Town Centre Master Plan     |     EngagingPlans + Mapping

This coastal surf community and tourist hotspot in Australia seeks to handle growth while maintaining the character of the area. UIS provided an EngagingPlans website and Community Asset Mapping activity to encourage identification of favorite places and those that need changes or improvements. Byron Bay’s draft master plan is currently in exhibition and the team is aiming for adoption this spring.


SLOCOG Regional Transportation Plan

App Suite: Budget Simulator

The San Luis Obispo Council of Governments undertakes a revision of its Regional Transportation Plan every four years. This year, SLOCOG prioritized public engagement to help shape and provide feedback on how funds should be allocated for transportation projects like highways, public transit and road conditions, and livable communities and active transport. For each of these priority areas, users can adjust how much infrastructure they think is necessary and view the impact those recommendations have on budget allocations. Once they’ve landed on a balance they think is ideal, they can submit it with comments to give SLOCOG insight into community preferences and concerns.

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