Mixing planning, technology and a passion for livable communities

Who We Are

Urban Interactive Studio is a cross-disciplinary team of planners, designers and web developers that specializes in providing intuitive solutions for digital public engagement. We’re a small but powerful firm working at the cutting edge of public process to help local governments, elected officials, consultants, and nonprofits educate, inform and learn from citizens and stakeholders.

We’re based in Denver, CO and have worked on projects across the nation and around the globe.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that people and their diverse perspectives are the key to livable communities. But growing use of Web and mobile technology means that traditional methods of public participation like in-person meetings need to be supplemented with digital activities.

Our tools are designed to be intuitive—making complex information easily accessible to citizens and putting them in the driver’s seat as they explore and provide feedback on options related the future of their community.

Let us help you craft simple, effective engagement programs and strategies.

Our Team


Chris Haller

Founder and CEO, Urban Planner

Chris is an urban and regional planner with a specialty in digital communications. As the Founder of UIS, he keeps an eye on our goal of building better communities through intuitive technology. In 2011 he was named one of the Top 25 thinkers in Urban Planning Technology by the urban planning magazine Planetizen.

Zeke Weeks

Lead Developer

A web developer with equal experience in the worlds of business and technology, Zeke helps organizations and local governments amplify their strengths with emerging web technologies. Having developed complex systems since the early days of the web, Zeke builds innovative and reliable tools to support engagement.


Fritz Clauson

Public Engagement Manager, Urban Planner

Fritz is a planner with a passion for using new technologies to make planning more accessible and relevant to the public. He combines engagement and collaboration skills with a keen eye for design and user experience to help our projects connect people to the issues that affect them most.

Kameron Ahler

Lead Designer

Kameron is a user interface designer who creates graphics and imagery that improve user interaction with EngagingPlans. With an academic background in psychology, Kameron has a keen understanding of how people process information, and he uses this insight to design flexible and intentional user experiences. 


Emily Crespin

Business Development Manager

Emily supports our clients in identifying and realizing the engagement solutions they seek. Her personable nature and penchant for words help her bookend the client experience from their first interaction to evaluation, making sure project teams get the most value possible from our online engagement tools.

Stan Miletsky

Web Developer

Stan is a certified web development project manager with more than six years of experience working with Agile methodologies. His expertise improves the functionality of the platforms underlying EngagingPlans and EngagingApps.


Leandro Incetta

User Experience Designer

Leandro is continuously learning new technologies that combine user experience, communication theory, and an understanding of human behavior. His collaborations with cross-functional teams dispersed around the globe give him unique insight into how design can bridge cultural gaps.  

Bob Schwander

User Experience Designer

Bob creates simple and intuitive interfaces that improve the user experience of our websites, data visualizations, maps, and other online tools. His focus on innovative design strengthens and enhances the technical capabilities of all of our tools.